Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from French Polynesia

My trip to the French Polynesia went very smooth. I never missed a flight and was never forgotten at an airport. Plus, finding my way around was easy considering that I spoke very little French. It is taking a really long time to sort through my 6000 images but I did get a handful of my snorkel photos from Ta'aha done. 

That is Ta'aha in the background and to the right is a super expensive and only resort on the island. 

Those are 2 red Octopuses. I was told that they are rare to see.

This was the best snorkel spot I saw on all of the 7 islands that I visited. It is in a pass so fresh ocean water is coming in which makes the water very clear and there isn't runoff from the rivers and is also very protected because it is on the far reef.