Monday, April 8, 2013

Packing priorities.


Tomorrow I leave for French Polynesia. My dilemma lies in the extreme restrictions when I fly the small planes around the islands. I can only have one checked bag under 44 pounds and my carry on can only be a the size of a medium size purse and 6 pounds. I did a lot of soul searching and youtube watching to see what I can really leave at home and be somewhat comfortable. I know that it won't be do or die if I decide that I can't live without something because I can buy it when I get there. However, everything in the country is very expensive (think $10 per pound of celery) because of how remote it is. I was inspired by Melissa Rachel Black's video on traveling. She traveled for a year with a small backpack through Asia and she made the only real minimalist packing video for a woman. I have to take more because of all of the art supplies, snorkel and camera gear. I have learned that you only need 1 change of anything because you just wash it every night. Classic backpacker I have found out. One of the things I am testing is if Dr.Bronner's  really is an "all in one" and if I can get away if only using argan oil for my face and hair. I have to take a lot of deet which I hate but I also hate Malaria and Dengue Fever and I will be spending a lot of time hiking in the jungle so I have a crazy little first aid kit with iodine tablets and dehydration salts just in case. I am also taking 6 sketch books, 2 cameras, and lots of gouache because you have to have priorities.